onsdag 30 november 2011

Are you currently in a state of flow?
Are you in harmony with Universe?

In for instance sports psychology you nowadays hear people talking about being in a state of flow.
Everything in life works out as it should or better and you always reach the maximum performance. There are no disturbances and problems in your life that you cannot overcome and you constantly reach the goals that you have set up for yourself
You perceive yourself as a winner and think that you always will remain a winner.
In competitions you will always have the upper hand. Your confidence and your self- esteem are at top
But we have all ups and downs in life and problems can suddenly accumulate to hurdles in our race from birth to death.
What can we do to be prepared for that?
How can we train ourselves to overcome difficulties and stay calm and focused in a crisis?

The Law of Attraction can provide a guide to how to remain in a state of flow in spite of adversities and set-backs.
If you are familiar with The Law of Attraction and have applied it to your life you know that your wish will generate a response from Universe.
Sooner or later you will receive this answer. Sometimes you have to wait a little but the answer will undoubtedly come.
Start up a conversation between you and Universe .You have a wish that you in your thoughts describe as clearly as you can and in full detail. What you attract will without failure come back to you as a response from Universe.
We humans are just buds and flowers on the tree of life and everything including all other creatures is blessed by the sacred energy of Life, with which we can communicate.
We have the right to demand an answer from Life itself or if you prefer to call it Universe and we will always get it because all of us have the capacity to be or perhaps become beautiful flowers on the branches of the tree of Life.

Therefore you have the potential to constantly remain in a state of flow if you are not shutting down your communication with Life itself. Just keep the channels open and allow light and energy to flow into your mind and being. There is an abundance of everything available for you to receive, if you are connected and in harmony with Universe.

The Law of Attraction (LoA) is really working and it is a powerful tool, that can be used to come back and overcome adversities and set-backs.
A lot of people have experienced major changes to the better in their lives, when they start up using the magic power of LoA.
It doesn´t matter which position and which circumstances you have from the beginning. The technique and approach is quite simple. You attract and Universe reacts.
Show in detail and very clear what you want in life. Don´t push and be impatient. Just wait and stay connected to the wonderful energy of Life and Universe and you will get an answer that will enable you to reach your goals.
Of course it is quite natural to sometimes be less focused and more or less listless and depressed. We live in a world that is full of interference and it is easy to get lost and begin to act like a looser.

Study The Law of Attraction and apply it in your life .
Soon enough you will regain your status of being a winner
After some training and practice it will be quite natural to constantly be in a state of flow