torsdag 27 oktober 2011

So you like The Law Of Attraction!

It's easy to feel alone, abandoned and without hope, when you consider that our planet in its orbit around the sun is just like a little grain of sand in an endless desert. The law of attraction and the science is constantly making new discoveries and formulate ever-changing theories of how our world is constituted. According to modern physics and the string theory, it might very well be that our universe is not the only one and that there are infinitely many universes governed by other laws. There is a risk that we perceive the world we live in as exclusively material, cold, hostile and hopeless. We have as human beings so many questions but often get none or few answers to the really important issues.

But there is one key to a better understanding of the world we live in and what life means. That is "The Law Of Attraction". You are attracting into your life whatever you think about. Your predominant thoughts will find a way to manifest. That is a simple and very wise statement formulated in The Law of Attraction.

If you clear away all that is negative and dark, and instead fill your mind with positive thoughts, feelings and intentions may be only by doing so you get in your hand the key to a whole new life. In addition, we find perhaps to our surprise that the universe and the law of attraction sends back many times what you have sent out. You discover that the universe we live in is not an endless, hopeless cold desert of gas, emptiness, stars and galaxies but instead an amazing vibrant world full of love, hope and empathy.
What we send out we get back. That´s is a known fact when it comes to human relations. But it is also
amazingly true for our relationship with the universe. When we send out light, love and care the universe responds by fulfilling our desires and needs in full measure in ways we sometimes can not understand and explain.
This is a miracle that anyone can benefit from.
You just have to constantly focus on the objectives pursued, fill up with light and love, and clear away all that is dark and negative. We humans are good at setting limits to what we can and should do. We do not need to set such limits for ourselves. If we are in harmony with the universe, almost everything is possible.
The Law of Attraction describes in a simple and straightforward way how each of us can completely change our lives for the better and achieve the goals we have set up for ourselves.

If you are constantly focused and fill your world with positive thoughts, feelings and intentions the universe or should we rather say the wonderful and universal force of life will be there to serve you.

Of course it is not automatically so that you can always stay focused and free from negative thoughts and feelings. It is a matter of training and practice over time and from day to day to clean up in your mind and improve your ability and capacity gradually. Sometimes it can be difficult because in our daily life nowadays there is so much disturbance and so much stress.
But the good thing is that anyone can start up walking along this path step by step.
Wonderful things will happen soon enough as you more and more come in harmony with and in touch with the universal power.
The Law of Attraction is there to guide us on this path to success and self mastery.

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The answer is simple.
Because you really are worth it!

We live in a beautiful and multifaceted world that vibrates at a wide range of frequencies as we ourselves also do – a fantastic world that offers us unprecedented opportunities to form our lives and reach the goals we have set up if we just make an effort to learn how to do it..
The Law of Attraction is a universal law that everyone regardless of background can use to achieve their goals and design the conditions of life.
This law gives us a simple message:
If we in our thoughts and feelings attract the goals and conditions we want for our lives then Universe will respond and deliver what we desire and attract.

This is something that many people automatically think is impossible, but it has actually been proven to be true time after time.
You attract and Universe reacts and delivers.
Sometimes it may be difficult to understand and imagine how it can be like this. But a fact is that The Law of Attraction works in a very powerful way if we learn to use it. It works but nobody can scientifically explain how.
The same applies, for example, to the law of gravity, which we all are accustomed to and that everyone accepts as a reality, despite the fact that science of today still cannot explain it. We still have no theory that includes the mystery of gravity.
We all know that gravity works but we cannot explain and describe why and how it works.
Some people know that works because they have seen it in their own lives They have experienced the formidable change it can produce when it is put into action.
The good thing is that The Law of Attraction can be used not only by a few but of everyone who wants to change their lives. You have to learn how to use it first to avoid some obstacles and be more efficient.
But it is not at all difficult to apply it to your own life.

The Law of Attraction does not distinguish between what is good and bad for you. So you have to be careful and selective about what you attract and want and alwayes feal good.
If you do not attract what you want to be, you will be what you are and nothing will change.
If you think about negative things you will get a negative response and that´s not what you want.
So in order to bring about a major change in your life to the better, you have to be selective and fully focused on the positive goals and conditions that you desire and at the same time eliminate all that is negative in your thoughts and feelings.
Your subconscious brain cannot distinguish between events in your thoughts and events in reality. What you focus on and think about in your thoughts as your goals, visions and desires will be reflected back into your reality as the answer from Universe.
You could say that Universe reacts like the Spirit of the lamp in the story of Aladdin.
This Genie meets your needs if you take action and rub the lamp.
Likewise according to The Law of Attraction you have to take action and a first step to make it clear what you want. It is very good to visualize clearly and in detail what you desire and to always stay in the light avoiding the shadows and darkness that are sometimes trying to invade your mind.
Do not try to churn out a response from Universe. Remain humble and grateful and wait patiently.
Be sure that the answer will come in due time with the "The law Of Attraction" and that it will be delivered in a way that you perhaps may not expect.

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